The first worship service was held January 20, 2013 at the W.B. West auditorium, on the campus of Harding School of Theology. For several months, this new congregation met for morning worship, and twice during the week for Bible study at Grace Place Retirement Community. This new congregation adopted the slogan: "CHERRY RD. CHURCH OF CHRIST IS A PLACE WHERE LOVE AND JOY ARE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST."

Search for a permanent place of worship began immediately. Most banks of course suggested that a new church might receive favorable attention after being in existence for 2 to 3 years. Undaunted, the congregation submitted a CPA certified financial compilation after the first year. We were very much encouraged to receive pre-consideration from a local bank for $425,000 based on financial information provided by our CPA. We now knew the amount of capital we had to work with. We could see the grace of God blessing us. In only 15 months God blessed the Cherry Rd. congregation to receive 2 commitment letters form local banks! One bank offered 6% interest rate, and the second offered 4% interest rate.

In May 2014, the Cherry Rd. members took advantage of the opportunity to purchase a church of Christ building, 6590 Stateline Rd., Memphis, TN. This building is an 8000 square foot facility with 10 classrooms, seating 250, on 4.86 acres. Over the years, the owners of the property, (Hunters Run Church of Christ which began in 1988) had dwindled to 8 members. The Cherry Rd. membership accepted the challenge to purchase the property. Purchase price was $300,000. A downpayment of $60,000 was required. The members at Cherry Rd. having accumulated $35,000 in their first 15 months, made a congregational and brotherhood appeal to raise the remaining $25,000. The downpayment was needed in 30 days. By the grace of God, the congregation was able to raise in the 30 day time frame the amount needed to purchase the facility. The name was changed to EAST END CHURCH OF CHRIST, and the first worship service was August 17, 2014. The building was dedicated October 10-12,2014. Guest evangelists during this weekend celebration included Curtiss Pittman, Jackson, MS; Joseph Brown, Richmond, VA; Douglass Anthony Goodman, Annapolis, MD and Davis Jones, Jr., Nashville, TN.


Our History